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Directors Advice

Before, during and after, company failure is a stressful and bewildering period, contact us for best advice to help you move on with life from the best possible financial footing.

  • Personal liability
  • Overdrawn Directors loan accounts
  • Disqualification from acting as a Director
  • Misfeasance
  • Fraudulent Trading
  • Wrongful Trading
  • Preferential payments
  • Transactions at an undervalue
  • Illegal dividends


Many of the above issues pose a real threat to directors being alien to them when they have no prior experience of running a distressed business, and when trying to ‘muddle through’ and do what they feel is ‘for the best’, they can often be personally placed at significant financial and in some cases criminal risk.

The best advice is to seek advice, and the earlier the better.

We can provide a full range of advisory services to company directors, if you need advice in relation to your company and/or your personal position as a director of the company.

Our initial consultations are free of charge and are conducted constructively, sympathetically and in the strictest confidence.


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